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Frequently Asked Questions


What specific benefits does Engageon offer us?

Engageon is your tool for engaging majority of your membership that currently responds to you once a year during your membership drive. Through both structured discussion and candid interactions, you can gain a deeper understanding of your membership, segment and engage them selectively, and aid in your acquisition and retention efforts.

Is Engageon basically social networking software?

It's far, far more. Engageon is a unique solution that delivers the best of popular networking, community, collaboration, and content management software in a highly secure platform. It's designed specifically to meet the needs of membership associations and organizations.

How simple is it to create customized content?

Engageon enables you to create collaborative wiki docs and blogs, add advanced tables, share documents, conduct instant polls, provide constructive feedback, build organizational charts, incorporate calendars, and more.

Is it possible to brand our community or integrate with our current website?

Yes, we can create a branded community or you can integrate specific features from the Engageon Association Builder into your current web site.

Have your tools and solutions been validated?

Yes. Engageon provides this end-to-end solution with custom-designed interface, enrollment tools, and solutions that have been tested successfully and are demonstrated in a National Lipid Association case study.

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