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EAB- Engageon Association Builder

EAB is a web-based utility that connects and engages members on a peer-to-peer basis to build loyalty and retention.


Membership organizations, such as yours, demand a scalable and reliable solution that enables visitors and members to seamlessly interact 24/7 — to nurture trust and credibility.

We've optimized our social networking applications for interoperability, performance, easy installation and navigation, and low maintenance costs.

Flexible Architecture

By utilizing plug-ins and other customizations, you will be able to easily develop custom features and integrate the application into your current web site. The EAB is designed to accommodate your bigger volume of users and increased data needs.


Protection of membership privacy, data integrity, and copyright protection is paramount. Our platform was developed from the ground up with rigid security protocols to ensure data protection.

System Requirements

Every membership organization and association has different standards. Engageon is compatible with the vast majority of web browsers and hardware categories. Please contact us for detailed information regarding integration.

Seamless Integration

Our service team will work closely with your IT staff to integrate the EAB features you need. Click here to learn more about our integration process.