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Our communications products were designed by memberhip organizations for use by other membership organizations.

EAB — Engageon Association Builder

Offers associations a branded web-based integration of applications that enable them:

  • A. To generate open peer-to-peer medical discussion of priority issues in distinct areas of thought.
  • B. To develop a medical wiki around specific areas of medical science.
  • C. To develop a workspace for professional development based on quality improvement and the needs of those in specified medical practice.
  • D. To design an architecture for exchange of ideas across various domains of medicine.
  • E. To provide ancillary tools and resources important to maintain connectivity and Socratic thought.
  • F. To provide revenue streams for the associations and affiliated groups connected to the network of organizations.
  • G. To organize and package a host of technologies and applications for the association domain.


Web Consultancy Services

A. Define problem statement and Gap Analysis (360 degree review)
B. Work within the constraint and limitations
C. Develop a clear detailed roadmap and blue print
D. Decision making tools
E. Predictive analysis and dashboards



A key member benefit and revenue share program, which provides medical professionals with a state-of-the-art solution to connect with their patients and the community. Some of the important tasks you can perform with RiaEnjolie include:

  • A. Create practice identity
  • B. Attract new patients from the community
  • C. Save staff time to schedule a visit
  • D. Educate your patients via the web
  • E. Deliver forms to prepare for visits
  • F. Allergy and contraindications
  • G. Map and direction to the practice
  • H. FAQs